About HBC

Hilo Bay Cafe started in 2003 by a small group of dedicated food lovers. For 10 years, the 70-seat restaurant flourished against odds in a small central Hilo strip mall location. From the start, it was well loved by locals and visitors alike, serving seasonal and organic food and wines with a fun and comfortable "come as you are" attitude.
True to its name, Hilo Bay Cafe moved to a bigger, brighter location on the shores of beautiful Hilo Bay in October 2013. Here, familiar faces and new fans mingle. Diners enjoy contemporary, locally inspired dishes, artisan sushi, and they still love the wine, but the craft beer and cocktails now fly out the door into the hands of happy customers sitting on the lanai.


  • KIM | Owner and General Manager

    So much good has come out of being the owner and general manager of Hilo Bay Cafe. Every day that the restaurant is open, Hilo Bay Cafe feeds its favorite regulars, special occasion guests, and many visitors to the Big Island - and they leave smiling! “We don’t cut corners – anytime, anywhere,” says Kim Snuggerud. “I need to sleep at night. We succeed because we have great customers and a great staff.” An amazing staff really! One crew member put it best, “HBC has heart.”

    Hilo Bay Cafe has shifted away from the traditional model of one executive chef to a distributed model, sharing the work among many. The HBC kitchen is led by Mark Sadang, Chef de Cuisine, and Adrian Wagner, Kitchen Manager. Mark is driven and talented, a forward-thinking chef, hungry to get it right. Adrian is squared up, organized, and friendly – our Eagle Scout and cheerleader. Combined, these two are exceptionally strong and creative leaders, moving it all forward!
  • NOE | Dining Room Manager

    Noe Martin has been with Hilo Bay Cafe since the beginning, promoted from host to server, and then from supervisor to manager and event coordinator. Her time in the trenches makes her a great problem solver, easily switching gears, shifting deftly, always smiling, and making things work. She’s an amazing mixologist, and HBC drinks are always innovative, creative, and fresh! She’s also adept with the staff - a dream manager - because she’s straight up with them, but also so darn good to them. How was your dining experience at HBC? Noe wants to know: noe@hilobaycafe.com
  • ROY | Master Sushi Chef

    Roy! He’s a Hilo Town favorite and has been for many years. Chef Roy Kaneko learned his craft from a female master Japanese chef at a time when she had to be disguised as a man in order to be accepted in her profession. Thankfully, times have changed! Hilo Bay Cafe offers time-honored sushi as well as innovative, new twists with unique ingredients, preparations, and serving methods. The sushi staff is constantly moving the conversation forward. If you are new to sushi and don’t especially like the idea of raw fish, Chef Roy recommends vegetable sushi or sushi with cooked ingredients. There’s sushi for every palette and diet at Hilo Bay Cafe!