Hilo Bay Cafe started in 2003, opened by a small group of dedicated food lovers. For 10 years, the 70-seat restaurant flourished against odds in a small central Hilo strip mall location. From the start, it was well loved by locals and visitors alike, serving seasonal and organic food and wines with a fun and comfortable “come as you are” attitude. Living up to the aspirations of its name, Hilo Bay Cafe moved to a bigger, brighter location on the shores of beautiful Hilo Bay in October 2013. Here, familiar faces and new fans mingle. Diners enjoy contemporary, locally inspired dishes, artisan sushi, and a refreshing range of drinks.

KIM | Owner

“While planning to assist only for a couple of months as the restaurant got going, it’s now been nearly two decades,” says Kim. She stays because of the challenges and rewards, but mostly because, as one crew member put it, “HBC has heart.” Her focus has changed over the years, but she continues as our vision keeper and finance manager.

TANTRA | General Manager

With almost a decade at HBC under her belt, Tantra leads our staff. From the door to the bar, the office to the stock room, she handles as much behind the scenes as she does on the floor. Always on the move, she looks for where she can help and jumps in to support with a smile – and a quick wit!

JOSHUA | Executive Chef

Chef Joshua leads our kitchen ever onward. Approachable, hands-on, and always one to maintain high standards, Josh brings tremendous good to our proverbial table. He believes in sourcing locally and nurturing positive relationships with our farmers, fishermen, and distributors.

KARLEE | Sous Chef

Karlee crafts delicious savory dishes and sweet treats, but she shares so much more with us, too. With a calm and kind spirit, she flows through the kitchen, from creating confections in the pastry room to leading our cooks on the line. Karlee brightens our days and keeps our social media looking fresh, too!

ROY | Master Sushi Chef

Hilo Town favorite Chef Roy learned his craft from a female master Japanese chef at a time when she had to be disguised as a man to be accepted in her profession. Thankfully, times have changed! Truly a master of his craft, Roy honors the traditions of sushi while also lending his own local touch to our offerings.

TIFF | Sushi Bar Manager

With a can-do attitude and thoughtful nature, Tiff approaches tasks with care and consideration. As she guides our sushi bar crew, she enriches creativity and strengthens communication while ensuring consistent quality. Tiff’s mindfulness and warmth uplifts us all.