Joining Our Crew

Even when we are not currently hiring, we always welcome résumés of individuals interested in joining us. We keep résumés on file for 6 months, and if we have an applicable opening become available in that time, we will contact individuals whom we feel are both qualified and a good fit for our team.

What are we looking for? Relevant work experience goes a long way, but the person and attitude that come with it are equally important to us. Good-natured individuals with a diligent work ethic and a willingness to work together closely as a part of a supportive team are those who thrive at HBC. We believe in an "all for one and one for all" mentality. We strive to foster a positive work environment and to deliver the best possible experience for our guests, and each member of our crew plays an essential part in that.

Does this sound like you? Feel free to stop by in person to drop off a résumé or send one via e-mail!

Front-of-house inquiries and résumés should be directed to Tantra at
Back-of-house inquiries and résumés should be directed to Kate at