Supporting Local Girl Scouts

It's that time of year again - cookie season is upon us! Join us in supporting our local Girl Scouts! Starting March 1st (and going 'till our Thin Mint stash runs out), we are offering our "Mint to Be" dessert special made with Thin Mint Cookies. For each one sold, $1 will be donated to local Girl Scouts of Hawai'i.

Beyond indulging in a sweet treat, Girl Scout Cookies are an incredible opportunity for girls to do extraordinary things. Your support powers new, unique, and amazing experiences for girls of all ages in our community. These cookie sales fund local troops for the entire year! When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you help fund new adventures and life-changing opportunities for local girls -- whether it’s an exciting field trip, a service project giving back to the community (like Troop #254's monthly Hunger Banquets to feed those in need in East Hawai'i), or just the opportunity to make memories and learn new skills (did you know there are four local Girl Scouts Robotics Teams?), Girl Scout Cookies make it happen!

Please join us as we help raise money to fund Girl Scouts of Hawai'i, and perhaps consider picking up an extra box or two of cookies next time your see them outside KTA!